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Order Masks

We have a wide variety of 100% cotton masks available for sale (see pictures below). All of our masks come with 2 layers of cotton with a hole in the bottom to add your own filter. They are machine washable and able to be worn hundreds of times over. 


We can sew large custom orders and offer a higher-end, $35 mask, with a nose piece and filter. We also can make children's masks for any age and have a large selection of novelty fabrics. 


In addition, we can make masks for the hearing impaired or those who need to see their mouth through their mask. For large custom orders or high-end masks, please e-mail for rates. 


All proceeds for masks will fund future mask masking and a non-profit founder, Hillary Cohen is starting with her business partner, Samantha Luu. 

To donate, please click here (thank you).

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