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Meet our team of sewers and supporters!

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As of 6/8, our sewing squad has sewn a total of 5,000 masks. We currently donate 25-100 masks weekly to those on the front lines fighting COVID-19. 


In California, we have donated to: Cedars Sinai Hospital, the City of Hope, Care Center Pharmacy, Ralphs, Trader Joes, nurses in a state prison (name withheld for safety of nurses), the Children's Center at Cal Tech, Medocino Farms, over 100 Starbucks employees across Orange County, a juvenile re-entry program in Irvine, Arc Care Center, essential workers in Kern Valley, post office employees, nurses in Los Angeles, the homeless, high risk members of the community, and those unable to find face-masks that meet new city COVID19 requirements. 


In Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Missouri we have donated to: Hartford Hospital, Branson Starbucks employees, school teachers in Boston, the Branson Police Department, nurses in Hartford, the homeless, high-risk members of the community, and those unable to find face-masks that meet new city COVID19 requirements. 


We also fill a lot of requests via snail mail & have donated to the following in addition to the states we do not reside: medical offices in North Carolina, health care associates in Texas, a Methodist church in Mississippi, the Community Care office for Veterans in Gainesville, FL, a nurse in Alabama and high-risk members of the community/those unable to find face-masks that meet new city COVID19 requirements in North Carolina, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, New York, South Carolina, Texas, Ohio, New Jersey, Virginia, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Alabama, Florida, Missouri, Maryland, Nevada, Minnesota, North & South Carolina, Nebraska, and Washington. We even sent one mask all the way to England!


Hillary Cohen Creator/Sewing Captain Encino, CA

Sharin Helgestad Sewer North Hollywood, CA

Abby & Kayla Jacobs Sewers Orange County, CA

Leah Jacobs Sewer Orange County, CA

Mallory Cunningham Talent Coordinator/Sewer Branson, MO

Greer Cunningham-Pattison Media/Sewer Glastonbury, CT

Lisa Buchignani Catalasan Sewer

Shayna Stevens Sewer Petersham, MA

Chad Murray Sewer/Moral Support Encino, CA

Daniela Ruah Sewer Los Angeles, CA

Aaron Kirsch Fabric Supplier Los Angeles, CA

Mindi & Michelle Web + Moral Support Bay Area, CA

Jessica Faires McGinn Volunteer

Adam Rex Volunteer

Lisa Chu Volunteer

Mallory Evelyn Sewer Los Angeles

Josie Schneider Sewer Los Angeles, CA

Barbara McReynolds Pattison Sewer Hartford, CT

Kitty Betham Magical Thread Fairy

Lori Medlin Volunteer Los Angeles, CA

Justin Maradiegue Volunteer Los Angeles, CA

Richard Gonzales Volunteer Los Angeles, CA

Lisa Boiko Volunteer Los Angeles, CA

Elizabeth Lloyd Sewer


Check out some of the photos our mask recipients have sent us! 

John Hamm Los Angeles, CA

Care Center Pharmacy Los Angeles, CA

Po Starbucks - Branson, MO

Hillary, Hugh, & Chad Encino, CA

Matt and Stephanie Los Angeles, CA

Ben Los Angeles, CA

Tracie & Brian Los Angeles, CA

Jeannette Jefferson Meda, PA

Raeanne & Devon Valencia, CA

Chris Los Angeles, CA

Without the help, support, and donations of the following individuals, we would never be able to make the number of masks that we do. THANK YOU!

Raegan Walter, Laura Napoli, Valli Cohen, Amy Thompson, Liz Chako, Maureen Serra, Hugh Murray, Perry Cohen, Tammy Bolen, Catherine Batham, Serena Nelson, Lance Lanfear, Barrett Foa, Jennifer Tran, Dawn Devilla, Nga Quinlan, Eric Christian Olsen, Renee Felice Smith, April Stamps, Geeta Bajaj, Lindley Zink, Kaila Uli, Kyle Harimoto, Eric A. Pot and his at home printing services, Rick Tunell, Lauren Heos Barnes, Sharin Helgestad- all day every day for being the best and hardest working sewing partner ever, James Hanlon, Lydia Hawkins, Ali Pilurs, Renee Karminian, Ken in Encino, Eli & Amy Lisiecki, Vivianne & Don Bellisario, Kellie Meyer, Melina Wisecup, Lynnsey Song, Good Morning America, The Wall Street, Journal CBS News, Yani Chang, Kristen Hall, and the entire online mask making community. 

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